Club Weld is a place for creative expression, musical collaboration, exploration and learning.

Club Weld is a melting pot of sounds, beats, music and people

It’s a place for exploring creative expression, musical collaboration and learning. It’s where diversity is embraced and emerging talents shine through. Created by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) in 2014, Club Weld’s supported music studio brings people on the autism spectrum together with professional musicians to explore musical interests and create music.

We believe everyone has the right to express themselves creatively through music

Breaking Down Barriers

Technology is breaking down barriers to creative participation. Club Weld actively explores this exciting frontier through the use of iPad interfaces, apps, and midi controllers in our studio program. Making music has never been more accessible.

Supportive Environment

Club Weld creates a supportive environment where music is a conduit for connection, expression, joy, motivation and emotional resilience. The studio program develops skills and confidence in all areas of music making from one-on-one sessions to experimental collaborations. Creative direction is led by people’s musical interests and aspirations.

Structured Opportunities

Few structured opportunities exist for people on the spectrum to be recognised as creative producers in contemporary space. Club Weld bridges this gap and empowers people to explore and create new music.

Always Evolving

Our work is always evolving as we break down barriers to musical participation and learning to create a more inclusive music culture.