Chris Ross spends a day at Club Weld


Chris Ross, founding bass guitarist and keyboardist of hard rock band, Wolfmother, came to the Club Weld studio at Parramatta for the day to sit in on some studio sessions.

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Tracking with Urban Sounds


A short clip of Paolo & Jerry in the Club Weld studio composing a track interwoven with urban sounds they recorded on Parramatta streetscapes.

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Making Beautiful Things


Jonathan has composed a classical piece of music with Pasko in the Penrith studio. Hear them chat about their creative process and treat yourself to some Beautiful Things.

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Club Weld Presents @ Arts Activated National Conference


Club Weld has been selected to present at the ‘Arts Activated’ national disability arts conference taking place at Carriageworks in Sydney on September 20/21. The conference theme is, ‘pathways to practice’. We’ll be presenting in the,‘Practice Showcase:Organisations’ session. We’re looking forward to engaging in the conference theme and seeing/hearing about all the creative things taking shape across the country.

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Urban Sounds


Paolo & Jerry took to the streets of Parramatta with a digital audio recorder to capture urban sounds for tracks their composing for the Feedback project. Listen in to some of raw urban sounds they chanced upon.

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Parramatta Studio Moments

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Studio Sessions at Penrith

FEEDBACK: An experimental collaboration across sound and vision


Are you a creative video maker with an interest in music video?

Do you identify with being on the autism spectrum?


Then we’d like to hear from you!

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Club Weld & The Riff Society – Studio Moments

Our studio is underway at The Penrith Conservatorium of Music at The Joan. Here is a quick video grab of some of the wonderful talent we are working with in the studio.

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Artist Nicola Mortan visits our Parramatta Studio with her Korg MS-20 Mini


The Korg MS-20 Mini is a monophonic analog synthesizer. At Club Weld we use a lot of virtual instruments modelled on analog synthesizers like this, but thanks to a visit from experimental artist, Nicola Mortan, we were about to try out the ‘real deal’.

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